Duke University’s Asian American Studies Working Group stands in solidarity with the efforts and labor of other universities:

UNC AAPI Working Group
UNC AAPI Working Group strives to build a safe community for AAPIs at UNC-CH by advocating for AAPI issues, securing permanent resources, and supporting underrepresented groups in a unified space.

Harvard TAPAS
The Task Force on Asian and Pacific American Studies (TAPAS) is an organization of Harvard undergraduate students that promotes Asian and Pacific American Studies through education, recognition, and interconnection. It coordinates activities including presentations by notable Asian and Pacific American Studies scholars, collaborations with supportive and relevant alumni, faculty, staff and other student groups, community building social events, student research presentations, and student research publications. TAPAS supports and encourages the exploration of all ethnic studies, bringing together students of all disciplines and facilitating multidisciplinary academic discussion and social connection. Building upon an overarching mission of empowering students through ethnic studies, TAPAS encourages students to take this education beyond the classroom to drive dedicated civic and political participation.

Georgetown University Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Forum
The Asian-Pacific Islander Leadership Forum (APILF) seeks to create spaces for celebrating, affirming, and mobilizing Asian and Pacific Islander students at Georgetown University, as well as acting in solidarity with all marginalized groups on campus. This forum is open to anyone who identifies as Pacific Islander or Asian/Asian-American, including Southwest Asian and Central Asian.

Department of Asian American Studies @ the University of California, Irvine
The Department of Asian American Studies offers an undergraduate major, minor, and a graduate emphasis in Asian American Studies.The Department offers more than 30 courses annually with an enrollment of over 2000 students.

Asian American Student Initiative at William and Mary
Asian American Student Initiative (AASI) is a grassroots team of undergraduates, dedicated to promoting Asian American awareness, voice, and social issues at the College of William and Mary, around our local town of Williamsburg, and across America. Our foundations are community-based service learning, engagement, and social change.

BAATF Brandeis Asian American Task Force
Brandeis Asian American Task Force (BAATF) is a grassroots, Brandeis University based and focused, student organization created to advocate for the needs and betterment of the Asian American community here at Brandeis University. The purpose of BAATF is to gather and mobilize students around finding solutions to issues specific to the Asian American community here at Brandeis. With open membership and a minimized e-board, BAATF is solely a tool for students to use in order to engage in AAPI advocacy within the Brandeis community.

Vassar Asian American Studies Working Group
The Vassar Asian American Studies Working Group seeks to increase the number of Asian American Studies courses and faculty at Vassar. Currently, there are no Asian American Studies Courses running at Vassar at all.

GWU Asian American Students Association
To educate our peers and community about the nuances of the Asian American identity and culture; to raise awareness about issues that are prevalent in the AsianAmerican community. Asian Americans include, but are not limited to, East Asian Americans, South Asian Americans, Southeast Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Wellesley Asian Alliance (WAA)
Wellesley Asian Alliance (WAA) strives to empower Wellesley’s community about Asian American issues through advocacy and education. WAA aims to meet the needs of the Asian American community at Wellesley by increasing political awareness, supporting the Asian American Studies minor, which it helped establish, and building coalitions among students.

Asian Pacific American Studies Program at Michigan
The APA Studies program was founded in 2004, after 20 years of student, staff and faculty advocacy. The program is a vibrant, active center for all members of the MSU community interested in the experiences of Asian Pacific Americans.

Amherst Asian American Studies Working Group
The Amherst AASWG is a group of students advocating for more Asian American Studies courses and professors at Amherst College.

For those interested, we welcome you to join the Asian American Studies Working Group Network.