A brief history of events pertaining to the movement to establish an Asian American Studies program at Duke University.

2002 – 2011

April 8, 2002: ‘Organizers of Duke Teach-in Seek New Asian-American Studies Program’ (NYT Archives) – Kira Rosoff

2012 – 2015
February 1, 2013: An IFC fraternity, Kappa Sigma, hosted an Asian-themed party off-campus, sparking protests from the Duke community

February 6, 2013: Race is Not a Party: Rally for an Inclusive Duke, 1-2PM, West Campus Bus Stop

February 6, 2013: DSG and ASA Open Forum, an open discussion for the Duke community to voice suggestions and comments about the Asia Prime Party

February 11, 2013: Demands Presented to the Duke Administration

November 20, 2015: ‘Duke Tomorrow: Student-Organized Discussion with Brodhead and Administration’ (Reiteration of 2013 Demands)

November 23, 2015: What Does It Mean to Be Asian and Asian American at Duke? / For the (in)Conspicuous, 7-8:30PM, Von Canon Room

2016 – 2017

January 21, 2016: Reiteration of 2015 Demands

March 29, 2016: Article in The Chronicle

April 4, 2016: Teach-In: Asian American Student Demands (cancelled)

September 30, 2016: Formation of the Duke Asian American Studies Working Group (AASWG)

October 4, 2016: Launch of ‘Petition in Support of Asian American Studies at Duke’

  • The petition garnered more than 500 signatures in two days. More than 1000 signatures were received total from a combination of alumni, current students, prospective applicants, community members, parents, and faculty/staff. Unfortunately, the original petition has been lost.
  • AASWG Facebook Post

October 5, 2016: Publication of Guest Column in the The Chronicle

October 6, 2016: Envisioning Asian American Studies at Duke (Open Forum), 5-7PM, McClendon 5

January 18, 2017: Release of External Review for AAS at Duke

  • Sylvia Chong (University of Virginia) and Miriam Lam (University of California, Riverside) visited campus on October 5 and 6, 2016 to assess the current state of AAS at Duke.
  • Chronicle Article

January 31, 2017: Intro to Asian American Studies (Working Group), 6:15-7:15PM, AAPI BASE

March 2, 2017: Launch of ‘Duke Doesn’t Teach Me’ Photo Campaign

March 7, 2017: Release of ‘Asian American Studies Student Body Survey’

March 16, 2017: Publication of Letter of Support from ECAASU

2017 – 2018

Fall 2017: Student meetings occur weekly, with monthly faculty meetings

October 18, 2017: Publication of Letter of Support from Reappropriate Blog

  • ‘Open Letter: Reappropriate Supports the Asian American Studies Working Group at Duke University’ – Reappropriate (Dr. Jen Fang)

November 1, 2017: Remembering Vincent Chin, 7:30-9PM, Social Sciences 139, co-hosted by AASWG, ASA, aKDPhi

November 13, 2017: What is Asian American Studies? 6:30-8PM, CMA Resource Room

November 15, 2017: DSG Resolution Passed in Support of an Asian American Studies Program

November 17, 2017: Article in The Chronicle